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Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks

  • Australian Curriculum (Qld C2C Alternative Text – Year 3, Unit 7 Poetry
  • Short-listed 2014 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year
  • Premier’s Reading Challenge Book List Queensland, NSW & Victoria

Clucking now!

Welcome to the funkiest BOOK, BOOK, BOOKEEK ever!

The first book in a series, Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks was released in 2013.

With a rollicking rhyme, a story that will leave you in stitches and funky illustrations to boot, this delightful picture story book is set to become an Australian children’s classic.

Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks also comes with an audio-visual CD, containing a video slideshow of the book and an audio book read by author Chris Collin with music by Adrian Hannan of The SongStore, as well as a copy of the Funky Chicken song slideshow!

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This is an outstanding and original production, with a CD that children and parents can watch and listen to, or simply read. Narrated by the author, Chris Collin, the pages peel back on the screen as the story evolves. The bold coloured, vibrant illustrations are expressive and funny. I laughed my head off while watching and listening to the rhythm and rhyme accentuated by the accompanying background music. With a strong message on the importance of keeping a low profile, readers will enjoy this book immensely.

– Anastasia Gonis, Kids Book Review


I have been privileged to watch the development of ‘Funky Chicken’ from early manuscript format to the current illustrated form. I heartily recommend it to young readers, and also to parents, aunts, grandparents, librarians, teachers and big brothers and all those people who love to share stories with smaller folk. What’s great about ‘Funky Chicken’? Well, it’s a true-blue Aussie of a story. Think ‘The Sentimental Bloke’. Think ‘The Muddleheaded Wombat’. Think ‘Possum Magic’. Think Banjo Paterson. Think of all those wonderful stories that revel in Australian heritage, idiom, and the offbeat humour that dwells wherever someone’s swatting blowies round the barbi, playing tunes on a gumleaf or eating fairyfloss at the show.

‘Funky Chicken’ is the tale of the search for the most unique animal in the bush and how the crown goes to the winner’s head and almost gets that same head – well, you’ll have to read the story aloud to some seven-year-olds to get the full flavour. Be prepared to stop often to let the laughter die down. The jaunty text is perfectly complemented by the illustrations; a text/picture match made, if not in heaven, certainly somewhere in the outback.

I love the Australian spirit of this book. I’m going to buy a copy for my grandson and I can’t say better than that. I might even learn to dance The Funky Chicken.

– Sally Odgers, Australian children’s author/independent manuscript assessor


The chook is back! Hang on to your space suits and join our feathered hero in his search for intergalactic funkiness!

WINNER! 2016 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year!
Premier’s Reading Challenge book list Qld, Victoria

The latest book in the Funky Chicken series, Funky Chicken: Chooks in Space also comes with an audio-visual CD, containing a video slideshow of the book and an audio book read by author Chris Collin with music by Adrian Hannan of The SongStore, as well as a copy of the Chooks in Space song and song slideshow!

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A fantastically fun, funky book! This absurd tale will engage adults and children alike with characters that are wonderfully silly and appealing. The rhyming format encourages children to develop chronological awareness, and the planet names require non-word decoding. Underlying this fun story is the issue of what makes a good place to live; which can be the starting point for further discussion with young readers. The strong narrative also brings along themes of identity and belonging, and about having ambition and chasing your dreams. Colourful illustrations support and extend the text, and end page illustrations provide further opportunities for prediction and discussion.

– WINNER 2016 Speech Pathology Australia Awards. Review by Speech Pathology Australia.


‘Funky Chicken rockets into space in a whacky planet-hopping new adventure.

Absurd and clever! Brilliant in text and illustration’

(Anastasia Gonis, ‘Kids Book Review’)