We are thrilled to announce we now have our very own school productions to offer you based on our Fun and funky books where…

‘The Animals Have Got Talent!’

The audience-interactive Funky Chicken Show and Funky Chicken Play have been written by  Australian playwright Jodie Eva Cook. Jodie is a published playwright who has toured her own professionally produced children’s theatre shows throughout Australia and New Zealand. She has also worked as a drama teacher in Australia, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria.

Both productions will bring out all the creativity in your students, and are designed to allow students of all abilities to participate. These amazing productions are incredibly funny, full of audience interaction, and are family friendly with inspirational messages!

The Funky Chicken Show has all of our fantastic songs in it for your students to sing, but if that doesn’t suit your school, The Funky Chicken Play has the same synopsis without the songs!  Choose whatever suits your school best!

These productions can be performed by schools of ALL sizes.

Jodie has also developed fantastic support materials to make your life easier, including a casting spreadsheet and a musical track list – it’s all done for you!

For more information, please contact the playwright Jodie Eva Cook directly:

P +61 (0)413 767 936




Click here to download an information sheet about the Funky Chicken Show!